Why We Exist

Pine Ridge exists for the soul purpose of glorifying Jesus Christ. We hope to accomplish this through leading people in right thinking, right living, and right feelings. We believe and teach the Bible as God’s revelation and seek to align our thoughts to His thoughts. We believe and cultivate a community that produces the fruits of the spirit through intertwined relationships of service and love. We believe and desire that the community of faith is a safe place for messed up people as they mature in the faith. Ultimately we exist to bring people into a relationship with Jesus Christ that brings restoration to all areas of life.

The Five C's


There is a reason for our existence. According to the Bible, in the beginning, God made the world and all its creatures to live in perfect harmony forever. Because of God's love and amazing generosity, that's the way it will ultimately be! God designed everything and will ultimately see its restoration through Christ.


God’s perfect plan of all things being in perfect harmony forever was interrupted by the choice made by Adam (and Eve). They sought their own ways and not God's, and the whole world, mankind, and all creatures were plunged into what we see all around us now: misunderstanding, racism, selfishness, and an environmental mess… but that’s not the end of the story.



God took it upon Himself to fix everything.  The Savior of mankind was promised in the Old Testament Scriptures and finally came.  We know Him as Jesus of Nazareth. He was, in fact, God Himself come down to us.  He lived a perfect life in obedience to all that God required of a human, and then offered Himself as a substitute to bear the guilt of the sins committed by all people everywhere, who would look to Him in trust and hope.  He promised a restoration of all things one day.


Right now, He works through His people, real believers who love and follow Him. We try to love everyone, to help everyone, and to show the love of Jesus to everyone.



We look forward to the fulfillment of God’s promise.  There will be a remaking of everything-- all the damaged aspects of the creation and of our own lives and even our physical bodies will be renewed to an everlasting existence in what the Bible calls the New Heavens and New Earth.  God’s people who are physically dead will be raised with new Christ-like immortal bodies (souls reunited with new bodies forevermore).  The final reality will be much like the original creation, yet without any possibility of sin or future corruption.  Thanks be to God! Amen.

Our Denomination

Pine Ridge Church is a part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)